Thursday 28 June 2018 at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with evening networking

Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling

Question:  Are you where you want and need to be in your career, company, or organization?
If your career is stagnating, maybe it’s not ‘what’ is keeping you from the top. Maybe it’s who is keeping you from the top. And, that ‘who’ could be you! Dr Indigo and her circle of experts will provide a performance GPS to success.

Are You Aware?

Despite years of advances for women, many qualified women don’t get the jobs or opportunities they want or deserve. Based on a variety of reasons both internal and external factors can sabotage a woman’s success – unless she takes a more strategic approach to her career and plays the game that exists in all organizations.

You need to break through the glass ceiling but there is nothing that shows you how? Then this is a MUST JOIN session for you!  This forum is uniquely designed to offer hands-on skill building sessions as a cohort. The one day event is filled with workshops culminated with table top discussions by leading experts. It’s a personal and intimate programme with limited seats for:

  • High performance women with a desire to be globally competitive
  • Women in management or leadership (independent or corporate)
  • High potential women seeking growth opportunities and advancement
  • A woman who’ve worked hard but hasn’t seen a success trajectory despite all her efforts

Despite years of advances in both social and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the opportunities they want or deserve. Misperceptions, stereotypes, and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman’s career hopes—unless she takes a more strategic approach to her career and plays the game that exists in all organisations.

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Presented by Dr Indigo’s Circle

Author of popular book series “Playing by the unwritten rules”

About Dr Indigo

Dr Indigo launched 4D Performance, in Asia in 2016. Shas 20+ years of successfully owning and operating a business, in the US. She launched 4D Performance SDN. BHD, in Malaysia in 2017.  She has been featured in INC Magazine, Fox, New York Times, Huffington Post and many other media outlets that took notice of her ability to lead.

Award-winning Author and CEO of one of America’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies, she grew a home-based business into a multimillion-dollar performance consulting firm. She will provide tools and techniques to move you beyond the glass ceiling while improving results for your organisation. This Women’s Forum is about career sustainability and promotability that supports you and your organization.

There’s no short supply of events that provide awareness about women’s empowerment and breaking through the glass ceiling, but there is nothing that shows women how; until, now!

In Asia, she has presented at:

As a Woman Participant, You Will...

It’s not enough for professional women to attend conferences that continue to bring awareness about the disparity and gap between women and men, but rather women need real time, practical tips and techniques to infuse into their career for ongoing success and growth. Be a part of a cohort that is moving beyond the glass ceiling:

Develop knowledge & skills to perform with increased abilities

Achieve greater heights with confidence and political savvy

Strengthen your net worth both personally & professionally

Develop a path for promotability & Develop ability to move in the right direction

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Be a Part of

This Game Changing Experience!

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This forum is revolutionary in helping women succeed based on Dr Indigo’s research philosophy of playing the game by the unwritten rules. To get more of what you want and less of what doesn’t align with your goals, we explore the psychology of why women perform and behave in ways that may be counterproductive based on societal and gender expectations, stereotypes and misperceptions. We look at fear and how some women work from a fear of success while some may work from a fear of failure which limits career progression or sustainable growth. As a cohort, you learn about self for self-management, and how to engage others to overcome obstacles and remove barriers.

Dr Indigo and Indigo’s Circle of Professionals are Offering:

Programme Length:  1-Day Forum with Experiential Workshops

Dates:  Thursday, 28th June 2018 – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm w/ Evening Event

Venue:  Hotel Fort Canning Singapore – 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881

Presenters:  View Our Presenter’s Bio’s Here

Forum Agenda:  Download Full Agenda

Module One:

I Am a Woman: That Makes Me Uniquely Qualified to Lead

This session is the foundation of the entire programme. We examine the history of women leaders and the triumphs and challenges that they have encountered. We look at the psychological, social and cultural differences between men and women based on acceptable norms and mores to dispel myths and stereotypes. Participants will examine whether they lead out of a ‘fear of success’ or a ‘fear of failure’. We will investigate behaviors that are career limiting and identify how to get more of what you want both personally and professionally with confidence.

Module Two: Moving from the Middle to the Top

This session takes a poignant look at organizations and the “unwrittenrules” that often derail careers. Participants will explore why many professional women are in the middle and what it takes to move to the top. We examine why many women have a difficult time achieving ongoing success based on a lack of understanding ‘the game’ and the rules that are often unbeknownst to women, especially first generational successes. We’ll discuss how to remove obstacles and barriers.

Module Three: Developing Bench Strength

Developing your strength and understanding bench strength for your team are required for sustainable success. Is it logical for a professional to get into her car and set out for a new destination without directions, goals, or even a map? Often professionals will conduct their career progression without a path or clear direction based on their prior successes. However, what got you to one point may not work for your future career destination as competition steepens and the funnel narrows. This session will help you create a career map based on bench strength for your organisation and personally. This ultimately supports retention.

Lunch:  Relax and Connect

Afternoon Table Top Discussions with Indigo’s Circle of Experts:

    • Resolving Conflict through Assertiveness – Eliza Quek
      This session is a confidence builder to get more of what you want and need without feeling guilty, pushy or any negative feelings that inhibit getting desired results. In Asia, harmony is valued which often leads to avoiding conflicts because of the fear of hurting others, damaging relationships and making the situation worse. There is also the fear of confronting someone who is senior and demotivating staff by providing candid feedback. Participants learn the various ways to manage conflict to a positive conclusion.


    • Setting Your Intentions Based on the Butterfly Effect – Grace Chew
      Women need to be able to say no more and give themselves permission to make tough decisions that may not be popular keeping in mind that what she does or doesn’t do have a rippling effect and consequence. A woman professional should be able to take many things in consideration, i.e. planning, making decisions and taking certain actions to achieve personal or overall goals. Based on the Butterfly Effect, we will examine how decisions and actions impact your career and personal life both long and short-term.


    • Create Your Brand: Tell Your Story – Sarah Lewis
      Ever wondered how to create a good first impression through digital screens? Unsure of how to project professionalism, but still feel yourself? This mini-workshop will help you identify the themes of your personal brand, give you simple branding principles to follow and get practical about easy actions you can take right now. Whether you’re a small business owner or working in a large corporation, you will walk away with a low maintenance personal branding plan that projects just the impression you want.


    • Motivating and Influencing through Persuasion – Patrick Lee
      It’s not enough to work hard, you have to sell yourself with integrity and authenticity. Participants learn to motivate and influence others based on using power and not abusing power. Participants will learn to galvanize and inspire by engaging and involving others for synergy. We also examine manipulation versus persuasion and how to harness the latter. We will discuss using Influence Triangle for more effective persuasion. We often start with persuasion by offering our opinions, facts and logic to argue what we believe is right or beneficial. However, the fine art of influencing embraces many skills and you will be considerably more persuasive if the techniques are mastered.


    • Career Management and Development for Success – Dr. Vivienne Hunt
      Dr Hunt will speak about her doctoral research findings regarding professional women which are relevant to many work place settings. Her research found that women who had built successful career trajectories had three common attributes. They were competent, connected and confident. She will focus on the last two, the importance of being connected to networks where people can build social capital and some tactics to help develop confidence. Through a fun exercise you will explore your connectedness.


Evening Networking Event:

Evening Networking Event: mix and mingle with cohort, presenters and Dr Indigo’s Circle of invited guests

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Be a Part of

This Game Changing Experience!

Contact Us at +601151141325 or Sinclair@4-DPerformance.com for an Early Bird Special and More Information

Spaces Are Limited, Register Online Today

Early Bird Special by 4/28/18

Programme Innformation:

For Group Discounts or more information call +60 11 51141325 or email sinclair@4-DPerformance.com

Special Rate
Members of a Women’s Nonprofit or Affiliation can receive a 10% discount off their fee at the time of their registration until 28 May.

For more information, please contact sinclair@4-DPerformance.com

1 day programme includes:

  • A full day of experiential workshops facilitated by international trainers and business coaches
  • A cohort programme for networking, support and learning from each other
  • Venue at the iconic Hotel Fort Canning with a view of nature in a spa like environment
  • Inclusion in Dr Indigo’s Circle for ongoing support
  • Exposure to diverse experts from Asia and America
  • Receive Certificate of Completion
  • Networking reception with presenters, cohorts and invited guests of Indigo’s Circle

How You Will Benefit

  • Recognise what is crucial for sustainable success and growth in an organisation
  • Assess your individual style and improve its effectiveness in an organisation
  • Demonstrate proven techniques to lead and manage your career
  • Develop an action plan to overcome professional and personal obstacles
  • Learn how to capitalise on the strengths of your leadership style—and minimise weaknesses
  • Incorporate techniques that will catapult your career and enhance the organisation
  • Gain the confidence and ability to move beyond the glass ceiling!

Who Should Attend

  • High performance women with a desire to be globally competitive
  • Women in management and/or leadership whether independent or corporately attached
  • High potential women selected by their company for growth opportunity and career advancement
  • Bonus Feature
  • Coaches assigned from the forum with a three-month commitment and follow-up. Contact Sinclair for details and reduced coaching rates.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any refund requests prior to the 21st of June (1 week) will be subject to a 40% fee. No refunds will be issued thereafter. You may transfer your registration to another person at no cost. Please contact Austin Sinclair at sinclair@4-DPerformance.com to complete any cancellation and transfer requests.

Hotel Reservations

Contact Amanda Png at +65 6559 6786 or amanda.png@hfcsingapore.com to book your room at a corporate discount rate. Please let her know that you are attending this session.

Payment Options:

Our Presenters

Table top discussion with master coaches, authors, speakers and trainers within Indigo’s Circle:


Executive Dir. G Gianna Consultancy Pte Ltd

Ms. Grace Chew is currently PhD candidate with International School of Management, Paris and New York (www.ism.edu). Her research is focus in critical success factor in mergers and acquisitions: interrelationship of pre-merger and post-merger. She is also certified trainer in intercultural intelligence with Knowledgeworkx (www.knowledgewrokx.com). Her career spans 25 years with 15 years in various senior management positions in customer service, sales and marketing, relationship management across various MNCs and SMEs. As a consultant, facilitator and trainer, Grace has assisted various companies in the world (Europe, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, China) in strategic planning, leadership, M &A, business restructuring, sales and marketing.



Founder - Your Digital Conscience Pte Ltd

I work with high-profile talent at professional services companies, brands you’ve heard of and brands you will hear of soon, to create delightful and productive digital experiences for their clients. I have over 12 years of experience in marketing, comms, brand building, business development and events, using both digital and non-digital channels and tools. I specialise in user-friendly digital marketing, having built and run this function from the ground up in Asia Pacific for the world’s largest law firm, Baker McKenzie. This has given me valuable experience driving behavioural change. I started my career at Euromoney Institutional Investor creating events and managing relationships with high-profile speakers. I earned my MA in Geography at the University of Cambridge.


President of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Dr. Vivienne Hunt is President of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore, since 2016 Vivienne chairs an executive board fostering business engagement for New Zealand companies operating in Singapore and the region. In Singapore since 2012, Vivienne worked at Abbott Nutrition R&D Asia Pacific, managing science policy and academic partnership for five years. Previously she was Deputy Director at one of the A*STAR Research Institutes. Before moving to Singapore, Vivienne worked at Auckland UniServices leading industry engagement for a food and health research programme at the University of Auckland. She was General Manager of Foodline, a London based company managing FMCG operations for European food products in the Netherlands and Belgium. In New Zealand, while completing her Executive MBA Vivienne launched Kraft Foodservices as part of Kraft International’s expansion in the 1990’s. Vivienne’s first role as a microbiologist at a New Zealand dairy company saw her work her way up to become the first ever female Quality Control manager in a male dominated sector.

Vivienne received her PhD in Management and International Business from the University of Auckland. Her research focused on the enablers and barriers that can impact on female career progress. She has published papers on this research in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration and other peer reviewed journals. She holds an MBA from the University of Auckland, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Nutrition from the Public Health Foundation of India, and a New Zealand Certificate of Science in Microbiology from AUT University. She is a current member of Australian Institute of Company Directors.



4D Performance Sdn. Bhd

Dr Indigo Triplett, CEO of 4D Performance has achieved great success as a leader, author and speaker. Consulting companies come and go, but under Dr Indigo’s leadership, her company thrived and experienced consistent growth. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, her US company was recognized as one of the top 500 America’s Fastest Growing Companies by INC. Magazine. She grew a homebased training practice into a thriving multimillion dollar performance management consulting firm. Dr Indigo is admired for her down-to-earth methods and techniques, but perhaps more known as an authentic leader who tackles organisational development and workforce topics.  Stateside to abroad–from Atlanta, Georgia to Shanghai, China–she delivers a message and philosophy that is insightful; thus, resonating with people at every tier of their career or within an organisation.

As the author of Playing by the Unwritten Rules I: Moving from the Middle to the Top and Playing by the Unwritten Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense, she is a leading authority on career management. Dr Indigo has spoken both nationally and internationally for clients and at conferences; whereby, her books are purchased by individuals and clients in quantities of 1 to 1,000 copies per order. Noted for “making the implicit explicit” and injecting humor into her subject matter, she is called upon by nationally recognised magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.

Dr Indigo recently launched 4D Performance in Malaysia, which mirrors her US company. Based on her research, she believes that Asia is primed to be the next global economic power. However, she also believes that there must be a shift in how the Asian workforce is prepared for this growth and global competitiveness. She further believes that a foundation built on performance and productivity will create sustainability. This means leveraging diversity, creating inclusion, developing an agile workforce that is empowered, creative and life-long learners. It is not what a person knows but what s/he is willing to learn that will move an organisation forward. She received her Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University and holds a MA in Organizational Development from Webster University. She was a contributing columnist for Inc. Magazine; wherein, she wrote a weekly mental wellness column.



Management Consultant/Sr Executive Coach

Management Consultant/Sr Executive Coach with extensive experience in coaching senior leaders, strategic planning, marketing, sales, turn-arounds and operations. Patrick has an Executive MBA from University at Buffalo, State University of New York, combined with over 30 years’ experience in the creation and implementation of sustainable growth and profitability for American MNCs in Asia Pacific covering China, India, North Asia, South East Asia and Australasia. Formerly CEO of a Singapore public listed company, Managing Director Asia Pacific for Kohler Company of USA, following a long career with the group and with Cummins Inc., of USA. Patrick is a certified Sr. Executive Coach/Mentor at I J Martin & Co of Zurich, Switzerland since May 2010. His coaching clientele includes women leaders in senior positions from fortune 500 companies. Well-versed in a variety of Western and Asian business cultures. He enjoys coaching individuals to realize their potential greatness and top teams on the formulation and discipline in executing strategic plan.
Eliza Quek

Eliza Quek

Director Terrific Mentors International Pte Ltd

An international, cross culturally sensitive Organisation and HR consultant who thrives on learning, adding value in transforming the way individuals, teams and organizations think and view challenges. Eliza brings with her a wealth of Transformational Leadership experience in both private (MNCs, SMEs) and the public sector.

She is on the Barclays Global Faculty and clients in the financial industry. Eliza is a member of the BP Global Faculty, and her experience with different corporate cultures  enables deep understanding of cross cultural challenges in communications, values and behaviours and decision making, Sun Tzu and the Art of War in Strategic Management. Eliza is used to working with translators in delivering programmes to the Ural Bank of Redevelopment’s Senior Management, Women Leaders in the Institute of Democracy, Slovakia; BP managers in Baku, Azerbaijan; MacDonald’s New Directors in Shanghai; Total Vietnam’s Managers and the Ministry of Education, Myanmar. Her M.A. in Manpower Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London provides a sound basis for her part time academic career.

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