Why 4D Performance?

We have created a niche in that we understand the U.S. federal government and have garnered expertise in career management and development to work with individuals and companies. We believe that we can transfer our knowledge of the US into the Asian workforce to improve results and increase profitability and global competitiveness. Our educational approach as Performance Consultants is to train the adult learner through reeducation.  We understand that no one comes to a workshop as a blank slate, but rather individuals possess perceptions, ideas and beliefs that may or may not be accurate or beneficial to the organization.  We motivate employees to develop true self-awareness to facilitate moving beyond their own existing paradigm. An organization that promotes growth and development understands that there are shared benefits for employing skillfully trained individuals who are accountable to the success of a group.  Appropriate training profoundly increases commitment and competence, enhances confidence through empowerment, forms accurate expectations, and stimulates creativity and innovativeness. Being able to facilitate this theory and transfer it to our clients makes us unique and effective.