About Dr. Indigo

Dr. Indigo’s dynamic personality and irrefutable expertise is the reputation that precedes her. As the CEO of Careers In Transition, Inc., she leads the successful Human Resources consulting firm that provides wise strategies for performance and productivity. From the Federal Government to Fortune 500 Corporations, Careers In Transition, Inc. helps organizations attract, develop, and retain employees for improved results. As a renowned Speaker, Dr. Indigo is hilariously honest and refreshingly blunt giving a professional twist that captures her audience’s imagination and inspires their spirit. She’s effective because she speaks from real-world experience as a businesswoman who built a successful career and business brick-by-brick with trials and lessons learned that she unselfishly shares with audiences with transparency and candor. Audiences leave with a renewed sense of hope and empowerment to live their passion and manage their career based on feeling as if she spoke to them personally.

Dr. Indigo launched Careers In Transition as an independent consultant in 1995, which quickly parlayed into a successful venture resulting in the company becoming incorporated in 1997. Consulting companies come and go, but under Dr. Indigo’s leadership, the company has thrived and experienced consistent growth, becoming an indispensable resource for federal agencies and organizations by positively impacting their bottom lines. In 2012, her company was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America; placing the company in the top 50th percentile at a ranking of 239 on the list. Dr. Indigo is admired for her down-to-earth methods and techniques, but perhaps more known as an authentic leader and speaker who tackles organizational development and workforce topics with transparency and passion. Some of the organizations that Dr. Indigo has worked with range from the Environmental Protection Agency to Halliburton–which demonstrates her profound knowledge and versatility in speaking to the specific needs of her client base. Stateside to abroad–from Tucker, Georgia to Wiesbaden, Germany–she delivers a message and philosophy that is insightful; thus, resonating with people at every tier of their career or within an organization.

Dr. Indigo helps you see who you can become based on who you are.

As the author of Playing by the Unwritten Rules I: Moving from the Middle to the Top and Playing by the Unwritten Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense, she is a leading authority on career management. Dr. Indigo has spoken both nationally and internationally for clients and at conferences whereby her book is purchased by individuals and clients in quantities of 1 to 1,000 copies per order. Noted for “making the implicit explicit” and injecting humor into her subject matter, she is called upon by nationally recognized magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets. Dr. Indigo’s book series is the foundation of her presentations which serves as a GPS for people to navigate their way to success.

Adding to an already unique background, Dr. Indigo served in the U. S. Marine Corps as a Field Radio Operator and as a Communications and Public Relations Specialist. Education is important to Dr. Indigo and it has proven to be an effective tool in her blueprint for personal success. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Arts from Waubonsee Community College with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio and Television with a minor in Psychology from Southern Illinois University, and a Masters of Applied Arts in Human Resources with a minor in Psychology from Webster University.

Never one to rest, Dr. Indigo received her Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University in May 2014. Dr. Triplett plans to continue leading Careers In Transition, Inc., but her attention has shifted to launching and standing up her nonprofit Dr. Indigo Insights. The Vision is empowering people to maximize their employability thus minimizing underemployment. And the Mission is inspiring, educating and assisting women, veterans and disadvantaged individuals who are seeking to reach their full potential through career development initiatives, educational services and scholarships.

Dr. Indigo gives audiences the tools to mirror success.

Dr. Indigo is equally as passionate about community leadership as she is about leading her company. Currently, she is launching Dr. Indigo Insights a non-profit that focuses on career management and development. Her nonprofit was created to inspire and educate historically disadvantaged people, to develop and manage their career as a tool for achieving higher levels of career success and professional career alignment. Additionally, she has two active scholarships that she finances and she has created financial support programs for the Project Open Hand Legacy Program, the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry, The African-American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA), and the National Association of African-Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR). She believes that when you take care of others, you’ll be taken care of as well. In 2010, Dr. Indigo was a Finalist for the Woman of the Year Award by the Atlanta Business League (ABL) which was founded by Booker T. Washington. In 2011& 2012, she was recognized by the ABL as one of Atlanta’s 100 Most Influential Black Women. And she’s just getting started! In 2012, she was awarded Black Women Rock by the Blacks In Government-CDC Chapter.

Conferences and engagements in which Dr. Indigo Triplett has spoken include: Women Veterans Annual Summit 2008 in Washington, DC, FEW, BIG, CDC, GMSDC Regional Conference, GWEN 7th Annual Georgia Women Entrepreneur Conference, Veteran Affairs Women Equality Day, US Department of Labor, GA Department of Labor, EPA, National Sales Network Conference, and more…