Through a joint effort, 4D Performance and Zwekabin Myay Hpa-an Education Project launched a initiative called P&M (Protect & Maintain). P&M is now a foundation for developing the Hpa-An, Myanmar community.

P&M core focus was having young adults engage in active citizenship. P&M has three pillars: Sanitation, Protection of Environment and Culture Preservation. The launching of P&M was a mass clean-up that took place March 19th, 2019 on Zwekabin Street, this event was highly successful.

4D Performance CSO, Sinclair Austin global initiative led him to Lucknow, India to empower the Decision-makers of tomorrow. The development sessions focused on Moving From the Middle to the Top. Sinclair explains and demonstrates why some people succeed, while others are faced with obstacles. Participants were able to walk away with tips, tools and techniques to Move From the Middle to the Top.

4D Performance goal to tackle the employment crisis amongst young adults in East Africa is being achieved.  In partnership with PSB Foundation, 4DP created WE-DO (Women Empowerment through Digital Opportunities).