Meet Executives/ Leadership

4D Performance is a spin off from Careers In Transition, Inc. which celebrated 20 years of progressive and on-going success, in America. 4D Performance creates profitable business solutions on employee matters by providing wise strategies for performance and productivity for organizations faced with hiring, retaining, and developing employees. We help organizations attract and retain multi-skilled, adaptive, career-focused, and motivated employees by helping individuals and teams enhance their performance to produce greater results. We have found that increased productivity manifests itself when employees are able to effectively utilize new skills and abilities in the workplace and have a shared partnership in their employer’s success.

Indigo D. Triplett, Chief Executive Officer:

Dr. Indigo Triplett known as Dr. Indigo has 20 years of successfully growing Careers In Transition an HR Company to capacity. She has been featured in INC Magazine, New York Times, Huffington Post and many other media outlets that took notice of her ability to grow and manage a multimillion dollar company. Her company was listed at 239th out of top 500 Fastest Growing companies in America, in 2012. She brings with her the ability to help organizations grow through talent management but she is able to help organizations compete on the global/world market based on her international experience. Dr. Indigo earned a PhD in Values-Driven Leadership, which will be utilized to help decision makers and leaders become more effective in the workplace. She will be primarily responsible for the day to day operation of the company and a service provider based on her books and speaking abilities/experience.

Dr. Triplett was termed as a ‘New Woman’ by Inc. Magazine, in 2012 based on her introspection and insight that catapulted her company to the next level as one of America’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies. She led a successful Talent Management firm that provided wise strategies for performance and productivity. Some of the organizations that Indigo has worked with range from the Environmental Protection Agency to Halliburton, which demonstrates her profound knowledge and versatility in meeting the specific needs of diverse client base. In addition, Dr. Triplett has taught at several premier Universities such as DeVry, Keller Graduate School of Management and Clark Atlanta University (HBCU). She has taught Communications, HR, Career Management and Psychology courses.

Sinclair Chief Strategist Officer (CSO):

Prior to launching Sinclair’s Enterprise, Inc., Mr. Sinclair worked for Careers In Transition as a Business Developer while completing his BA in International Affairs. He has several years of experience in working with Dr. Triplett and booking engagements on her behalf.  He is well-trained and experienced in securing contract opportunities for the company which is complex. His understanding of Human Resources coupled with sales and marketing gives him an advantageous position in the global market. He is able to discuss with clients how “we” conduct business, our proprietary program model and our

4D process for servicing clients, which is unique and distinct to 4D Performance. This is a model exclusive to our company which has been used over the years in conducting business across the USA. Mr. Sinclair will be solely responsible for business capture for 4D Performance and will speak on behalf of the company at career fairs and sessions based on his past experiences with colleges.

Mr. Sinclair graduated from the prestigious University of Georgia. While as a student, he took active roles in the community and leadership roles at the University. He interned at the World Trade Center of Atlanta and participated in an internship program in Beijing, China through CCR Asia. He served as the University of Georgia SPIA (School of Public & International Affairs) Ambassador. His degree blended with real world experience will allow 4D Performance to generate a profit quickly based on his knowledge and direct experience in working with the CEO and her past clients, especially developing a new clientele in Asia.

In conjunction of working in the HR industry, upon his completion of undergraduate studies, Austin S. Sinclair found a dormant passion. It began as a hobby, but like any true interest of the heart, that hobby blossomed into a passion. Mr. Sinclair became interested in Culinary Arts, with an emphasis in sauces. Learning how flavors can blend and complement each other, Mr. Sinclair developed his own unique sauce recipe. In 2015, Mr. Sinclair represented University of Georgia in the 2015 Flavor of Georgia food competition. The advancement of the competition led to the startup of Sinclair’s Enterprise, Inc. Mr. Sinclair owns 100% of the stock in Sinclair’s Enterprise, Inc. He brokered a massive deal with the University of Georgia. He was able to gain an exclusive licensing agreement to utilize their logo on his bottles of sauce. This partnership was profitable for both Sinclair’s Enterprise and the University. Mr. Sinclair will use the same tenacity, business acumen and marketing expertise to grow and market 4D Performance. He was featured on radio, television and several magazines regarding his entrepreneurship success.