It has only been two months since the New Year’s rung in and now, we are closing out celebrations for the Chinese New Year’s. This should be a time to be reflective and to evaluate whether you are on track with your goals and objectives for the year. Many people set New Year’s resolutions that start to fall off around this time frame. But, I submit to you that this is a pivotal time to reinforce your intentions.

I debunk the use of New Year’s Resolutions and encourage people to try a few other things that have proven to be useful for me on my career journey. I believe that everyone can attain more of what they want in 2018 by living an intention filled life and by working a plan for improved results both personally and professionally! Looking back over the years! Ask yourself how much was planned and how much just happened to or for you. In fact, as one leader I was coaching said, “I live by the premise of hope.” My dear, hope is not a strategy. I believe you will have more results if you simply use the SMART technique of setting your intentions. Make sure that whatever you desire is:


Ask or think about exactly what you want. The problem with many people is that they don’t genuinely know what they want and what that looks like or where to begin to look. Start with the end in mind. What exactly do you want? And, don’t let past experiences limit what you think you can have or deserve.


Make sure that what you want can be quantified. How many or much of something do you want to acquire? Let’s say it is to stop smoking: then how much and when. Do you want to actually stop or decrease the number? There’s a significant difference that you must consider. Measurable must be taken into account for everything to determine what is working or not working.


What you envision and seek to acquire must be achievable. If you say you want a promotion, but it requires that you relocate but you are unwilling to move, then that goal more than likely is not attainable. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but it’s pretty unrealistic without a lot of heavy lifting.

Results Oriented

What action and steps do you need to take to make this thing happen? Do you need to network your way to a hiring manager or influencer within a certain company, do you need to give weight to your resume by taking courses, classes or working on certain assignments? Do things that will create results. If it is to stop smoking, you may need to change how you take breaks and with whom you take breaks by coming up with an outline on what you will do differently.

Time Driven   

When is the start and completion time for something to happen? You can’t leave things to chance and just hope that it happens. There is a time and season for all things and you need to set dates for your actions/steps and then keep a time table of whether you are hitting certain points at the right time.

Here is something you can practice daily to set your intention:

I recommend that you create a word or phrase to drive your actions. Each year, I think about things that I would like to modify in my behavior and I drill down to see what would cause that change. I think of behaviors that I can instill that will carry me through and support my vision. One year, that word/phrase was “Living Courageously”. I was battling with many issues and circumstances beyond my control. So, I needed to be courageous to fight the good fight. I signed off my emails with courageously and I set my intentions and thoughts on being more courageous in every area of my life which means speaking my truth, loving openly, allowing my employees to work from home full-time (now that’s huge for me as an extrovert who needs people around) and the list is exhaustive in the many ways. I became courageous by being reminded of that goal and practicing behaviors of courage.

So, think of a word that will drive your actions and always keep that word in the forefront of your mind as you go through your day. You will be amazed at what you will accomplish as you live up to that word. And, go a step further and share with others your word or phrase, which will cause some level of accountability. When you tell people about your word or phrase it places pressure on you to live it because you know people are now watching. My word this year is Authentic. I want to do less of what I don’t want and more of what I do want without feeling guilty, which means to thine ownself be true. That can be tough when family, friends and clients via for your time and attention. I’ll share more about being authentic and even courageous in another posting.

The New Year is about letting go of the old and bringing in the new. Allow some of these suggestions to help you make the best of 2018! Happy New Years, and may you acquire the desires of your heart with childlike wonder.

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